Sesame Noodles

I am always trying to think of something clever to say in these posts. But, honestly the only thing I can say about these noodles is DAMN!!!! Just DAMN! These are not just good, they are crazy good. And, the best thing is that they are extremely versatile. You can have them vegetarian like we did tonight or add grilled chicken for an even tastier treat. This recipe is pretty much mine. I combined about 4 different recipes to come up with this one. Sesame noodles are best served either cold or at room temperature so the veggies stay crisp.

Sesame Noodles

¼ c. soy sauce

¼ c. rice wine vinegar

6 TBS cold water

3 tsp. peeled and minced fresh ginger-I used more because we LOVE ginger

4 cloves garlic-You might want less

6 TBS smooth peanut butter-I used Trader Joe’s smooth peanut butter but I think next time I will use chunky

3 TBS Sesame Oil

1 tsp. hot chili oil

1 tsp. honey

2 tsp. Sriracha chili garlic sauce, or to taste

12 oz pasta cooked al dente-I used the Barilla Plus spaghetti

Cucumbers, red bell pepper, shredded carrots, green onions, snow peas, grilled chicken and sesame seeds.

  1. Place the soy sauce, vinegar, water, ginger and garlic in a blender or food processor.  Process on high speed until the ginger and garlic are smoothed into a liquid, about a minute.  Add the peanut butter and process one more minute.  Combine the oils and, with the processor running on low speed, drizzle them in through the feed tube. Add the honey and Sriracha sauce and process just a bit more.
  2. Place the cooked pasta in a bowl and toss well with 1 ½ cups of the sauce or as much as you would like.
  3. Add any of the veggies or grilled chicken that you would like. We used cucumbers, shredded carrots, green onions, red bell peppers and sesame seeds.

**You can make this ahead of time. Simply remove from the fridge an hour before serving. I also served this with extra Sriracha and soy sauce.



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3 responses to “Sesame Noodles

  1. G. Rendle

    AWESOME!!! That’s it…AWESOME!!!

  2. Roxanne

    Big hit with the our family ! Hubby really loved it. I messed it up by adding 1 TB hot sauce rather than 1 tsp and added extra honey to try and fix it. It was really good! Also, very easy to leave some noodles plain to serve Connor with plain grilled chicken so I didn’t have to make multiple meals to feed adults and kiddos.

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